Judging by the statistics of visitors to our resource, most of the site is visited by men aged 25-34 years, followed by younger guys. The female audience also visits the site, but about 3 times less. I think other websites on this topic have similar statistics. I dare to assume that it's all about physiology, by nature, women don't want to have sex as often as men. But wandering through the expanses of the global web, especially in VKontakte groups and on Odnoklassniki, in search of high-quality xxx photos to share with my audience, I often come across ads like a young couple looking for a guy or a girl to have threesome sex. I even came across ads about how a man was looking for a gay passive to fuck him in the ass, since the relationship with his wife is not enough for him and he added that his woman does not mind and you can do it right in their hut. Such cases are isolated, but they exist. This suggests that the male population, as a rule, is more sexually preoccupied.